10 Photographs That Changed the World

  1  The Bhopal Gas Disaster    

 One of the most horrific accidents - The Bhopal Gas Disaster - happened in India in 1984, leaving thousands dead. The photograph is of a baby being buried by his father. Photo by: Raghu Rai, 1984.

2 vulture waiting for the malnutritioned child to die
This one was a complete shocker and raised a debate on the humanness of the photographing community. It features a vulture waiting for the malnutritioned child to die. The photographer committed suicide despite being awarded for this photograph. Photo by Kevin Carter

3 Napalm-Accident-1972

South Vietnamese planes dropped napalm mistakenly on their own soldiers and civilians. It created havoc and destruction everywhere in the region. Photo by: Associated Press photographer, Nick Ut. He won a pulitzer prize

4 The-Babys-Hand-1999
Photograph features the unborn baby grabbing hand of the doctor. It was a successful spina bifida operation. Photo by: Michael Clancey

5 The-Fall-from-the-Window-1975

 Trying to escape the fire, the child and mother fell off when the ladder collapsed. The child, however, survived as he fell on his mother's dead body. Photo by: Stanley Forman.

6 A-Protesting-Buddhist-Monk-1963

Some moments are more painful than the others. These photographs shook the world, for one or the other reason. Protesting against the South Vietnamese government, this Buddhist monk set himself on fire. He died silently, without screaming or moving. Photo by: Malcolm Browne. He won a Pulitzer Prize.

7 An-Iraqi-War-Prisoner-2003

While this Iraqi prisoner was trying to comfort his 4-year-old son, the little boy was afraid to see his father hooded and handcuffed. The army considered his request to free his hands so he could make his boy feel comfortable. Photo by: Jean-Marc Bouju/AP.

8 Earthquake-in-Turkey-1983

Mother cries in front of her 5 children - all dead. Photo by: Mustafa Bozdemir, World Press Photo of the Year, 1983.

9 Photo-of-Omarya-Sanchez-1985

Trapped under muddy water by the walls of her own home, the 13-year-old Omarya Sanchez was put to sleep due to havoc caused by Nevado Ruiz Volcano in 1984. Photo by: French Reporter Frank Fournier.

10 Dorothy’s-First-Day-1957

Discriminated on the basis of color by her college mates, Dorothy quit her high school after the very first day. Photo by: Douglas Martin, World Press Photo of the Year, 1957.

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